Hybrid latest repair – placebo savings

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EV latest repair

EVC Sky is the limit – International delivery

EVC eMoblity without borders is organized now with flatrate vehicle delivery from anywhere to Zagreb...

And finally… Renault Zoe 2014 Q210

Previously, who missed the fact that certain renowned manufacturers from 2020 have electric motors already...

Electric Assmart 453 (2017-2022) – DCDC Inverter defect

Wrote several times and repeated there is no worse, more expensive and poorer quality vehicle...

Nissan Leaf – Source of all EV stereotypes and factory defect dangerous battery!

Nissan’s careless approach to isolation issues and potential short circuits in their batteries is an...

Electric EQV – Grand theft defect

If you are interested in to the “how and why EU Car industry failed”, read...

ICE latest repairs

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Solar latest projects

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