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Part 1 – S85 battery refurbish – Water ingress

PART 1 – The king of the asphalt and the icon of eMobility has arrived, the only vehicle without a single programmed failure and, in our opinion, the best drive system in the world. The only EV that goes over thousands of kilometers, on which it is possible to fix absolutely every fault up to 20x cheaper than for any other EV. The only vehicle that does not need any multiplexer and diagnostics, because the vehicle is a laptop with its own integrated diagnostics, i.e. the display system is Linux Ubuntu. Defects like the one that came up, battery failure are also the cheapest to solve of all EVs on the market. Breakdowns start from €200 to €4,500 and occur only at 200,000-30,000 km. I mean that exclusively on the S85 battery pack. The other S75 90 and 100 are almost indestructible even at 500,000 km. This one came with a breakdown of the insulation from the High Voltage system to the chassis. In a microsecond the system activated PERMANENT ISO F123 to protect the rest of the system. After testing the HV distribution box, we found that it is not the external insulation, but the internal insulation in the battery. In such scenarios, it is VERY IMPORTANT to remove the battery IMMEDIATELY, meaning IMMEDIATELY, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or in a month, because total damage occurs. The owner immediately brought the vehicle to the EV Clinic LAB as recommended. The battery was immediately removed and further damage stopped. This battery pack has 4 damaged modules and we will restore them all, the BMS must be repaired and reprogrammed. This is also one of the worst cases we have had and fast delivery was key. Battery failed on 260000km

Workshop is located in Croatia. We can organize repair in our franchise in Germany, Istanbul, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania or we can send tow truck to pick it up and deliver it to our lab in Zagreb.

PART 1 – Stigao kralj asfalta i ikona eMobility-a, jedino vozilo bez ijednog programiranog kvara i po nama najkvalitetnijim pogonskim sustavom na svijetu. Jedini EV koji prelazi tisuće kilometara na kojem je moguće apsolutno svaki kvar otkloniti i do 20x jeftinije nego za bilo koji drugi EV. Jedino vozilo kojemu ne treba nikakav multiplexer i dijagnostika, jer je vozilo laptop sa svojom integriranom dijagnostikom tj sustav zaslona je Linux Ubuntu. Defekti kao ovaj što je došao, kvar baterije su i najjeftiniji za rijesiti od svih EV na trzistu. Kvarovi pocinju od 200€ do 4500€ i javljaju se tek na 200000-30000km. To mislim iskljucivo na S85 battery pack. Ostali S75 90 i 100 su skoro pa neunistivi i na 500000km. Ovaj je došao sa probojem izolacije sa Highvoltage sustava na šasiju. Sustav u mikrosekundi je aktivirao PERMANENT ISO F123 da zastiti ostatak sustava. Nakon ispitivanja HV razvodne kutije ustanovili smo da nije vanjska izolacija već unutaranja u bateriji. Kod takvih scenarija VRLO JE BITNO da se baterija skida ODMAH, znači ODMAH, ne ni sutra ni prekosutra ni za mjesec dana jer nastupa totalna šteta. Vlasnik je odmah dovezao vozilo po preporuci u EV Clinic LAB. Baterija odmah skinuta i daljnja šteta zaustavljena. Ovaj battery pack ima ostecena 4 modula i sve ih budemo restaurirali, BMS moramo reparirati i reprogramirati. Ovo je ujedno i jedan od najgorih slučajeva koje smo imali i brza dostava je bila ključna. Vozilo je 9 godina staro, baterija je bilo jednom na servisu i ima 260000km sa jos originalnim diskovima i plocicama. S obzirom da ima besplatno punjenje dozivotno ovaj je ustedio bar 35000€ samo na gorivu. Takodjer po nasim procjenama i dosadasnjim iskustvom cak i ova stara S85 se moze preventivno 2-3 komponente zastiti da do kvara uopce ni ne dodje.






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EV CLINIC and EV HUB joint venture enters “Beast Mode”

Our mission to accelerate EV 3rd party support across Europe enters 2nd gear and we do not joke about it, even batteries are shaking when they hear Štrom Trooper steps entering workshop, almost unbolting itself to comply with our repair demands. If Tom Cruise had us before, we would watch mission possible 8.

Project “Thor” 23.8.2022 : EV Hub customer from Oslo was stuck in Inssbruck at vacation, Tesla S85 with 9 years under belt and some 220 000km on clock took last breath and died. Then Nassir from EVHUB took some networking skills at test to deploy remote repair at rented/borrowed jacklift in FALCH BOSCH CAR SERVICE in Austria. Battery had cell imbalance at block #7. Job was started at 08:00h and finished completely at 17:00 o’clock. This task wasnt easy because we had unplanned setback. Someone before opened HVJB and damaged thread for interloop lidswitch. After battery defect detection and after full completion we had new error, BMS_F036 which means safety Interloop (HVIL) was broken. We suspect at first that maybe we made mistake and damaged rapidmate battery connector, but that was not the case, we needed 4 hours more to trace complete wiring to find lidswitch defect. Lidswtich bolt moved little bit and triggered error unrelated to battery defect, but we did it. Workshop owner was awesome,really helpful and Martin regional Bosch tech. That day Štrom Trooper went to Zagreb and “me” to Erlangen near Nurnberg

Project “Nik the mighty” 24.8.2022: This was training and repair task, not on one but on two hardest cases P85 called “weak short” or “short to brick” with doomsday error BMS_u029 which we researched before for 3 months. One car with defect block #10 and second with defect block #5. We took step by step, taking all safety measures and teaching Nikolas how to take proper steps from diagnose, opening the lid to repair and closing the lid. We started one by one Tesla at 09:00 and finished at 17:30 both Battery packs, and that could be guinness world accomplishment. Now our support and repair tasks are available at Niks Garage, all bookings and prices are managed by Nikolas.

In 2 days EV Clinic technicians accomplished 3 repairs and 1 training.

Dont wait, join EV world together with us.