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DS9 Plug-in Hybrid 2022 Battery Pack review Not-a-Munro style

We received one new battery from DS9 to recycle it into usable second life. The first thing we noticed is that the battery is excellent in terms of its size for some kind of quad swap or mini Morris swap, as it integrates everything from water cooling to all necessary components for safe usage, including contactors, pre-charge circuits, etc. The battery pack’s manufacturer is the defunct A123 company, known for creating robust systems, even for the military and automotive industries. The battery cover isn’t glued but secured with screws and a rubber seal. Its total weight is around 96 kilograms. The system consists of 8 blocks in a 12S configuration, likely composed of LFP prismatic cells, probably from A123’s production line, judging by the block’s length matching those of VW, Ford, Mazda prismatic 12S blocks, but with cell width in the block housing at 13.8 cm, about 1.5 cm less wider than other manufacturers in similar configurations. One block has a capacity of 1.485 kWh and weighs 9.6 kg. Total capacity of the battery pack is 11.9kWh, but usable probably below 10kWh. The coolant plates are affixed using thermally conductive silicone on the underside of the cells, or blocks. The BMS system comprises 2 slave controllers and one master. Commendably, they designed the battery with active cooling and heating, ensuring a longer battery life, although the cell power of 35Ah might not survive charges up to 200k km. The processor is Tricore SAK-TC234LP, commonly found in Stellantis battery systems, even among different suppliers, (among Renesas, Texas Instruments, etc.)

Price OEM: Unknown

Part numbers: A123 PHEV.EMC00, 9832854680, 9835365680, WXAA-BI03V1100, A123

2 thoughts on “DS9 Plug-in Hybrid 2022 Battery Pack review Not-a-Munro style

  1. Poštovani,

    Da li bi ova baterija odgovarala za DS7 E-tense 4×4, model 2019.god?

    1. Moguće da je kompatabilna.

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