Smart 451 ED BMS A7899010100 Repair P18051C

600,00  inc. VAT

Repairing bricked BOSCH BMS from smart 451ED


We offer repair of your BMS with locking programmed defect errors in case of those mentioned problems. You will need to send your unit to our workshop in Croatia

  • Programmed defect
  • Deepdisharge through irresponsible use
  • Deepdischarge after crash incident
  • Botom SOC 0 discharge in bodyshop repair process
  • Powerglitch activated programmed defect with contactor counter 0 error
  • Random programmed defect
  • Defect Cells
  • Defect BOSCH Current sensor

Common errors which are affecting battery Ready state:

  • P18051C,  
  • P0DE71C,
  • P0DE763,
  • P0DE697,
  • P0DE663,
  • P0DE61C,
  • P0B3B62,
  • P0DE616,
  • P1D2771,
  • P1D2777,
  • P1D2785,
  • P1D2877,
  • P1D2885,
  • P056216,
  • P0B4487,
  • P0AA100 ,
  • P0AA400,

Affected part numbers:

A7893407201 ,



If your BMS becomes inoperable due to an accident, you can resolve this by removing the BMS, having it reset, and then reinstalling it into the battery. You can request a reset through the smart EV CLINIC Shop. Before proceeding, ensure that you only need to “unbrick” the BMS, as long as the battery hasn’t been deeply discharged. You can verify this using the diagnostic tool to confirm there is no cells below 3.1Volt.

Deep Discharge (P18051C)

In cases where a smart ED3 has been idle for an extended period, the 12V battery can become depleted. In such instances, the smart vehicle assumes that the 12V battery has been disconnected, triggering the smart to enter “junkyard mode.” This mode is activated because, at junkyards, the 12V block is immediately removed. In junkyard mode, the HV battery is completely discharged through the CSE, rendering the battery voltage-free internally to prevent any unforeseen issues.

This scenario is more common in the USA, where smart vehicles are often stored during winter and retrieved from storage after six months. As long as the storage period does not exceed four weeks, this is generally not a problem (see: “With which battery level do I park my electric car while I’m on vacation?”). If the storage period is longer, it is recommended to keep the 12V battery fully charged using a conventional 12V charger.

Unlock BMS and recharge the cells :

In most cases, the battery can still be salvaged, as the cells of the smart ED3 are highly resilient and can endure even temporary complete discharge. The initial step involves identifying which cells are deeply discharged, a task well-suited for the DIY battery tool. If the tool displays voltage values corresponding to “65535,” it indicates deeply discharged cells. The same applies to any cells with an open circuit voltage below 3.2 V.

Before attempting to remove the battery, it’s crucial to engage the Service Disconnect. Additionally, prior to opening the battery, you can refer to an illustrated guide for battery removal and disassembly. This resource provides you with a preview of what to expect and what the battery looks like before you proceed with opening it. Once the battery is opened, you may wonder about the location of the deeply discharged cells. For clarity, you can refer to the following overview:


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