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“NordŠtrom3” recycled EV Tesla battery for 64 kW Solar UPS

While somemone close Nordstreams, we deploy Solar UPS “NordStrom 3” recycled Tesla Powered battery pack by EV Clinic. 3D print of the CROBMS and LCD housing is T.S. Custom, Solar panel installation is by Ivan Perić and Victron Energy B.V. Inverters and Mppt.
After 6 months planing, designing and logistics of parts, it’s finally finished, it still has some fine tuning but it passed the Thermal test and Function test at 900 Amps in 2 days.
System is:
3x MPPT 250/100
10kWp + 3x 13KW Victron Quattro (15000VA) hybrid UPS
Recycled defective and used 24 pieces (those that pollute the environment in barrels, kebabs, savi, etc.) 24Volt 200Ah Tesla Model S block with a total NET capacity of 105kWh (usable range) and gross 115kWh, in the process of expanding an additional 35kWh 8 blocks (total net 150kWh) Battery system controlled by CROBMS EV Clinic (Made in Croatia) master system in a box as LowVoltage JunctionBox (DVCC, balancing, temp control, 1200A Contactors junction box, overload protection, over temperature, low temp protection, cell imbalance protection, undervoltage protection, short circtuit protection… and 20 more security systems)
The system has 56 temperature sensors and 21312 fuses on the cells and an additional 15 pieces of heavyduty on the busbars.

In addition to the Victron 36kW “baseload” system, at AC OUT1 there is connected ongrid LG panels(it means ongrid to Victron, not hepu) with 10kWp and 10kW 3phase SolarEdge, which shares the LOAD primarily with the consumers of the house and the surplus Victron swallows into batteries (we do not return anything to GRID). .
The third additional booster (aka generator) is the GRID itself, which boosts from the controlled 18kw (overload protection, limiter) through the Victron transformer GRID+Battery so that the basic load rises from the HEP limited 18KW to 54KW, which is a total of 64kW of peak system power.
The system is galvanically isolated from the GRID, adjusted so that nothing is fed back into the network. Surplus from solar is consumed by Bitcoin miner (purchase of BTC network is over 0.13 € per kWh).
The expected life of the battery is an additional 6-10 years, operating conditions and repaired batteries are far milder than in a working vehicle, there are no vibrations, moisture, thermal expansion due to different temperatures and the amperage is lower. 14kw of resistance of the AC system is 340A on the battery, which is equivalent to the power that is on the vehicle about 9.9kW, which means that in some heavy household consumption, the batteries work in twice as easier conditions as on the vehicle. There is no DC ripple and there are no violent amperages like on a vehicle that reach up to 800A. Which means that in order to simulate conditions like in a vehicle, to the power plant (acceleration up to 100 kmh), this system would have to load with 9600A on these 2s12p configurations (12s912p 18650).
The system avoided the extension of the GRID connection from 18 to 30 kw, the request was rejected by governmant, and 27000€ was requested for the extension of the transformer station. Avoided red tariff 0.33 per kWh, lease of excellent power and payment of electricity connection 200€ per kW.
Full investment repayment is 18-30 months with current average consumption of 3000kWh per month and current kWh prices.
Price of the system: energy independence and cheap energy is priceless
64kW three-phase power
22kw of solar panels
150kWh net Tesla battery

This is example why end of life for electric vehicle is no mandatory, every part of EV can be reused again. Even bad and degraded battery can be good for storage system when they are not usable for EV and mobility.


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EV CLINIC and EV HUB joint venture enters “Beast Mode”

Our mission to accelerate EV 3rd party support across Europe enters 2nd gear and we do not joke about it, even batteries are shaking when they hear Štrom Trooper steps entering workshop, almost unbolting itself to comply with our repair demands. If Tom Cruise had us before, we would watch mission possible 8.

Project “Thor” 23.8.2022 : EV Hub customer from Oslo was stuck in Inssbruck at vacation, Tesla S85 with 9 years under belt and some 220 000km on clock took last breath and died. Then Nassir from EVHUB took some networking skills at test to deploy remote repair at rented/borrowed jacklift in FALCH BOSCH CAR SERVICE in Austria. Battery had cell imbalance at block #7. Job was started at 08:00h and finished completely at 17:00 o’clock. This task wasnt easy because we had unplanned setback. Someone before opened HVJB and damaged thread for interloop lidswitch. After battery defect detection and after full completion we had new error, BMS_F036 which means safety Interloop (HVIL) was broken. We suspect at first that maybe we made mistake and damaged rapidmate battery connector, but that was not the case, we needed 4 hours more to trace complete wiring to find lidswitch defect. Lidswtich bolt moved little bit and triggered error unrelated to battery defect, but we did it. Workshop owner was awesome,really helpful and Martin regional Bosch tech. That day Štrom Trooper went to Zagreb and “me” to Erlangen near Nurnberg

Project “Nik the mighty” 24.8.2022: This was training and repair task, not on one but on two hardest cases P85 called “weak short” or “short to brick” with doomsday error BMS_u029 which we researched before for 3 months. One car with defect block #10 and second with defect block #5. We took step by step, taking all safety measures and teaching Nikolas how to take proper steps from diagnose, opening the lid to repair and closing the lid. We started one by one Tesla at 09:00 and finished at 17:30 both Battery packs, and that could be guinness world accomplishment. Now our support and repair tasks are available at Niks Garage, all bookings and prices are managed by Nikolas.

In 2 days EV Clinic technicians accomplished 3 repairs and 1 training.

Dont wait, join EV world together with us.


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Audi VW Mild Hybrid disaster

The infection called “hybrid” has mutated into “Milf Hybrid”, a system where now you get even less for even more money. The system where the generator is also an starter, works at 48 volts via a VFD three-phase inverter mounted on a baredie HEXFET and motor that is cooled by antifreeze,  it should cool it but heats it with antifreeze to 95 degrees so it could fail as soon as possible. The electric motor only helps the fossil fart ICE engine to save some money for sponsoring an authorized service or us, so you can’t drive an electric motor independently like with classic Hybrids for sponsoring cottages. We have already had several calls on this topic, but none of them came for analysis. Even one Technician who works in an authorized service center in Munich offered 100 defective pieces to buy for €100 each, he took them out of the trash as if by accident and we should bought them as is, they say “never breaks down” “just fill fuel and drives” until it fails on the road trip to service center. They don’t break down so well that only 100 of them end up in the trash. In case of electric motor failure (aka MHD starter) then even the fossil engine does not start, and according to the “whistleblower” information, this failure occurs already after 50,000 km. Fortunately, the problem is not solvable, when the HEXFET burns out, there is no simple way to separate the baredie support from the aluminum cooler so that a new part can be inserted. Even if there was a method equal to factory quality, this factorz defect crap is not made to be perfect even when it is new, because they messed up the design. So the worrying fact is that this is an even lower quality version of the Hybrid car, the most worrying thing is that very often we hear the whining of mechanics who perform an ordinary service on a car and the customer comes back to them with excuses “that everything worked before, but now it doesn’t work since the service was done”. . Of course, the classic blackmailing of “thies” so that the mechanics bear the costs of maintaining the car. Recommendations to colleagues: avoid working on these vehicles.

Audi VW Mild Hybrid ⛔️ – Zaraza zvana “hybrid” mutirala u “Milf Hybrid”, sistem gdje sad za još više love dobijete još manje. Sistem gdje je alternator ujedno i alnaser, radi na 48 volti preko VFD trofaznog invertera montiranog na motoru sa baredie HEXFET koji se hladi anrifrizom,  hladi tj. grije antifrizom na 95 stupnjeva da što prije crkne. Elektromotor samo pomaže fosilnoj prdilici da uštedite nešto love za sponzoriranje ovlastenog servisa ili nas, znači ne možete voziti elektromotorom samostalno kao kod klasičnih Hybrida za sponzoriranje vikendica. Već nekoliko poziva smo imali na ovu temu, ali niti jedan nije došao na analizu. Čak je jedan zemo gastarbajter koji radi u ovlaštenom servisu u Minkenu nudio 100 komada neispravnih da kupimo po 100€, on kao slučajno izvadi iz smeća i mi kao kupimo, kažu “nikad ništa” “nikad se ne kvari” “samo toči vozi” do prvog servisa. Toliko se ne kvare da ih je 100 komada u smeću. Kod kvara elektromotora (aka MHD alnaser) tad ni fosilni motor ne pali a ovaj kvar po “zviždačkim” informacijama nastupa već nakon 50000km. Problem je na svu sreću ne riješiv, kod izgaranja HEXFET ne postoji jednostavan način odvajanja baredie nosača od alu hladnjaka pa da se stavi novi dio. Čak i da postoji metoda ravna tvorničkoj kvaliteti, ovaj škart nije napravljen da bude ispravan ni kad je nov jer su nešto fulali u dizajnu. Znači zabrinjavajuca je činjenica da je ovo još nekvalitetnija inačica Hybridnog škarta, zabrinjavajuća najviše što vrlo često čujemo kukanja mehaničara koji naprave obični servis na autu pa im se stranka vrati sa izgovorima “da je sve radilo prije pa sad ne radi od kako je servis napravljen”. Naravno klasične ucjene djibera da im mehaničari snose troškove održavanja škarta. Preporuke kolegama: izbjegavajte rad na ovim vozilima.


New – 2000€

EVC – 👀


U046900 a starter/generator control unit signal is unreliable;

C11CBF0-12V on-board power grid

P0A7D00-hybrid battery charge level is low

P0B2900-hybrid/high-voltage battery deep discharge

P1B1600-hybrid battery no external charging







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