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BRUSA NLG664 Onboard Charger repair

Electric SMART 451ED with BRUSA NLG664 Onboard Charger repair operation manual by EVC Academy pursue 99% success rate of repairs on those units. We know there are forums and some free DIY instructions and everybody knows that capacitators are problem but they are not complete and without tips&tricks how to prevent total damage during repair process. We had 20 inquires for repair of those devices but owners tried to repair it themselves and they destroyed PCB and other components which are not produced anymore. In most cases after DIY attempt, repair is not possible. Problem is that this OBC is 8000€ in Mercedes workshop and 20 owners with DIY repair attempts from FREE Forum instructions ended up with total 160,000€ of damage and 20 immobilised vehicles. Which is is unsustainable path to maintain EV. I can freely say that total EV Killer is free forum repair. We made full repair instruction with full part list and webshop link, because thise parts are not produced anymore and hard to find and only same dimension fits inside.

Error: P0DAA00, P0D5700 and other

Partnumber: A4519822821, NLG664

OEM Price: 8000€

EVC Academy 1400€

EVC Repair 1000€

DIY : Total damage

If you want to get training on BRUSA Reman process you can buy it on link:

If you want to send us your BRUSA and we repair it, you can buy service of it on the link: