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Smart 451 ED P18051C Programmed robbery defect

You ask and we deliver. Smart 451ED BMS repair and reset operation manual is available in EVC Academy and in 15 steps you can stop robbing policy where OEM request complete battery change because there is programmed defect which lock out battery pack. Sometimes even healty one must be changed because there is programmed defect in BMS. So if you are in trouble with programmed defect inside BMS unit we can successfully program it so your battery can live again.

Errors: P18051C, P0DE71C, P0DE763, P0DE697, P0DE663, P0DE61C, P0B3B62, P0DE616, P1D2771, P1D2777, P1D2785, P1D2877, P1D2885, P056216, P0B4487, P0AA100, P0AA400

Part numbers: 0442001001, A7899010100-003, A7893407201 and other,


EVC Repair: 800€

EVC Academy 2000€

If you want to buy know-how online operation manual training, you can visit our link:

If you want to send us your BMS and we repair it you can order it at the link below:

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