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EVC Sky is a limit – International delivery

EVC eMoblity without borders is organized now with flatrate vehicle delivery from anywhere to Zagreb with acceptable prices together with Auto Centar Horvat big towing agency. Horvat delivered Taxi Model S P85 from Amsterdam to Zagreb for battery pack repair for just 600€ (ex Tax). Car had 420000km with failed BMB and locked BMS with error BMS_u029. This is one of the worst errors you could get on Model S, lot of workshops tried to solve it but failed. We reversed engineered it for 3 months and found all causes and possible defects which pop’s up that error. Customer who showed respect and trust to send his Tesla to Zagreb received 2000€ discount. We do not only repair those defects, we prevent them from happening again.

If you are located north side of EU (Germany, Austrija, Poland, Denmark, Netherland …)
Your agent for tow service is : FILIP 00385913111130

If you are from Italy and Slovenia, your agent is : JOSEF 0038651221000

If you are from any other Countries and other agencies are unable to help you, you can call our local Croatia Batman
Kelava : +385914455414