EVC Explorer – Tesla S/X Diagnostic

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Tesla Model S and X diagnostic tool EVC Explorer – Made in Croatia

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The EVC Explorer tool is a completely in-house designed diagnostic troubleshooting tool for EV workshops, incorporating hardware, firmware, and software tailored to real-life scenarios. This means we integrate the most commonly used and necessary functions and data readings, such as those needed for battery repair or LDU repair.

Tool was designed and made in 3 prototypes in 2019 and now we decided to expand tool functions to accelerate and simplify workshop repair process, mainly with Model S and X batteries.

  • Tool functions:
    Reading battery, dcdc, drive unit parameters
    Battery SOH
    Battery cell data (temp and v)
    Battery internal isolation
    Battery reset: w026, f107, f123, bms_u029, bms_u025, contactor stress reset and other
    Battery calibration data erase
    BMS Alert codes reading (MCU Alerts)
    BMS_U031 Smart fuse change service alert – service interval reset
    ADDED- CAC battery reading
    ADDED- Sense wire resistance reading
    SOON – Battery contactor control for charge and discharge without opening battery lid.
    SOON – Coolant flush and air purge
    SOON – Airsuspension crash reset, service mode exit, error readingLDU Immo reset
    SOON – Charger MASTER SLAVE programming, PHASE Board live data and pre-repair troubleshooting
    SOON – Parking brake unlock and lock control
    HVAC live data
    Cruise control live data
    Charge Port live data (check if it live or dead) – sometimes it is confusing error when CP is broken


  • LAN Functions:
    Tegra unlock token calculator
    Tegra GTW unlock with token
    BMS reset over the lan (f027, f123, f026..)
    Factory mode
    Dev mode
    Sending message broadcast to MCU

CAN BUS Terminal function:
That text box will show you monitored CANBUS ID and relevant data.
When you want to manually set ID Filtering you will write and sent: P6F2ON (Which means filter 6F2 and activate filtering)
If you want to send some CANBUS command, you will write C6F21234567887654321 and tool will broadcast 6F2 with contained data.

Software bugs are possible; however, we maintain a small, dedicated team that will provide weekly updates under a subscription model (€50 per month). The tool setup is sold “as is” and will be available to our closest partners and customers in a limited quantity of 20 pieces.

By purchasing this tool, you are contributing to our mission of promoting EV adoption, enhancing third-party support, and driving our team towards new research and development of innovative tools and solutions.


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