30x55x8 Tesla LDU Graphite Dual-lip Seal

280,00  inc. VAT

Tesla 30x55x8 only working rotor coolant seal.
Made in Germany

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We offer military grade special made coolant seal for all Tesla Large Drive Units (Toyota, Mercedes, Model S/X)
This one is read tested on Hansjorg Gemmingen Tesla P85 with 2 million KM total. This seal and our last refurbish lasts 250k km and still driving.

Seal material is secret compound with graphite material. Resistive to all automotive chemicals, oil, petrol, nitro, alcohol, cleaners and etc. Can withstand 20 bar of pressure.

Using this seal, rotor doesnt need any special coating.

We dont use 3rd lip because that one is “dust lip” not needed in those LDU units, just making rotor drag and rotor shaft heating.

Made in Germany


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