Tesla Model S X Battery Master training

10.000,00  inc. VAT

Tesla Model S X battery repair academy by EV Clinic.


The safe and efficient operation of electric vehicles relies heavily not only on automotive technicians but on R&D labs for 3rd party solutions, especially when it comes to maintenance and repairs. As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to rise, it is crucial for technicians to have the appropriate training and certification to handle the complex and advanced systems. The necessary training and certification for electric car technicians range from general mechanical knowledge to specialized high-voltage handling skills, along with computer skills, componente level trace and repair, firmware programming and other tasks

Technicians should also receive specific training in electric vehicle technology, which covers the basics of electric vehicle technology and how it differs from traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. This type of training is crucial for understanding how to diagnose, repair, and maintain electric vehicles.

Manufacturer-specific training is also essential, as many manufacturers offer training programs for their electric vehicles. Our training covers technical details of a particular electric vehicle model, including information on maintenance, diagnostics, and repair. In addition, technicians should be familiar with battery service tools and technologies. Discharging high-voltage batteries and battery balancing are essential skills to have as a technician.

Without proper training, technicians may face misdiagnosis, safety risks, inefficient repairs, damaged components, and liability issues. Therefore, it is crucial for technicians to obtain the appropriate training and certification to work on specific electric vehicles. This not only ensures their safety and efficiency but also provides customers with the best possible service.

We aim to expedite the shift towards sustainable energy, and as such, we are providing you with an opportunity to prevent costly mistakes resulting from repairing your battery independently. By receiving training from EV CLINIC, you can avoid making errors and avoid paying for expensive repairs. If you have already perused our social media channels, you must be aware that we are not a regular workshop. Rather, we function as an R&D lab for third-party repairs and solutions, and we invest considerably in EV technology to avoid any mistakes, unsuccessful repairs, and warranty returns that can result in heavy costs. Out of 50 Model S repairs we got only 2 returned, because of our mistakes (yes they can happen to anyone).

What we offer? Something nobody can, from start to end, real life problem training on real battery issue for 3 days.

EVC Acadamy goals :
– Diagnostic and tools needed with successful methods.
– Safely preparing vehicle.
– List of tools needed
– Removing battery from vehicle
– Bench test on BMS connector
– Isolation check on bench
– All causes of Model S X battery failures
– All causes of failures made by unprofessional repairs
– BMS Programming BMS_F027, BMS_F107, BMS_F123, BMS_U029, BMS_w098
– BMS Change and redeploy
– Contactor replacement
– BMB Repair
– Onbench balansing
– Cell change and fuse welding
– Block measuring Ah and internal resistance
– Block change
– Parasitic cell diagnose
– Common mistakes in repair procedure
– Master level in 10 guidance steps
– Water ingress prevention
– Leak test
– Pressure test
– Sealing procedure and glue
– Guidelines for wiring and conductance.
– Remote diag and log analyisis as SERVICE
– 3 months remote support

Training is done with possible 2 technicians from same company for 3 days in Zagreb Croatia. When you book training, you will be invited to join us on real battery problem which we receive from random customers. Training will be intensive and you will need to note down plenty of usefull information. And training is included with all our business secrets regarding complete battery repair procedure, no secrets, you must be fully capable for standalone operation. You cant exit our lab unprepared.

Is EV Training Really That Important?
An automotive technician who hasn’t received the proper training to work on electric vehicles could be in for some trouble. Here are a few things that can go wrong:

Misdiagnosis – Without the proper understanding of electric vehicle technology, it’s easy to jump to the wrong conclusions and misdiagnose the problem. This can lead to unnecessary repairs and a waste of time and money. In an era where instances of ‘fixed first visit’ are so critical to dealership success in the service lane, there’s no room for wrong diagnoses or repeat visits for the same problem.
Safety Risks – Electric vehicles have high-voltage electrical systems, and if you’re not trained on how to handle them safely, you could be putting yourself in danger. High voltage can lead to electric shock, fire, and other hazardous situations. By spending the time to learn about EV servicing needs, techs will not just understand which safety processes to follow but the why behind why it’s important.
Inefficient Repairs – Techs that are not trained in electric vehicle technology will likely struggle to repair these complex systems, leading to longer repair times and higher costs for the customer. For EV buyers who are exceedingly conscious of their most valuable resource – time – it can spell disaster for loyalty and referrals.
Damaged Components – If a technician doesn’t know how to handle and repair electric vehicle components correctly, they may end up causing damage during repairs. This can result in additional costs for the customer and decreased reliability of the vehicle. When the cost of a battery pack is several thousand dollars and parts availability is still struggling to keep pace with the exploding EV segment, it could cost the shop more than you can imagine, both financially and in time.
Liability Issues – If you perform repairs on electric vehicles, or allow technicians without the proper training and certification to work on EVs, you could be held responsible for any damages or injuries that occur as a result. This could end up being a costly situation for you and your business.

By making our own mistakes, we have created affordable training so that you don’t have to pay for costly errors.


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